Alzheimer’s Daily Activities

Activities at Assured Assisted Living

People living with dementia require help planning their day. For family caregivers, the process of keeping their loved one happy, engaged, and healthy throughout every stage of dementia may seem overwhelming. Professional and compassionate elderly care services provides much-needed relief. A senior activities schedule allows a person with dementia to feel safe and secure. Planned activities offer something productive and stimulating to look forward to.

Our Elder Care Assistance Program Approach

Organized activities are important to the health and well-being of people with dementia. We understand that as the disease progresses, our residents may require assistance planning and participatingin scheduled activities. Activities at Assured Assisted Living help to give meaning to the lives of people living with dementia. We focus on enriching day-to-day life with elderly care services that meet the social, emotional, and physical needs of our residents. Past the initial stages of dementia, caregivers typically require more support as their loved one’s needs change. We understand that a person with dementia may occasionally feel uncomfortable, you can rest assured that our adult care services accommodate challenging emotions. Our Elderly care services help our residents feel at home as they facilitate involvement in the activities that your loved one most enjoys.

Our Adult Care Service Activities:

  • Encourage the person to use their skills
  • Bring joy to the day
  • Give a sense of purpose
  • Are adult-appropriate
  • Offer a sense of normalcy
  • Are process, not result, focused

How Elder Care Assistance and Structured Activities Help Those with Dementia

For families and friends of people living with dementia, elder care assistance provides relief from care scheduling problems.It can be difficult to know how to best accommodate the needs and wants of a person with dementia as they travel through the various stages of the disease. Adult care services enrich the lives of everyone in our communitywhile helping our residents enjoy life to the fullest. Numerous studies indicate that exercise, mental stimulation, and social engagement has a positive effect onthose living with dementia. Our elderly care services are designed with these studies in mind. Specifically, exercising even a few times each week just one hour provides these benefits:

  • Slower progression of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Improved reasoning, thinking skills, and memory for people with dementia in its early stages
  • Reduced risk of falling and increased confidence in physical ability
  • Stress reduction
  • Reduced risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease
  • Strengthening of muscles and bones

Our Elderly Care Specialists Provide an Enriching and Engaging Environment for Those Living with Dementia

Senior care services at Assured AssistedLiving focuses on familiar activities that our residents have enjoyed throughout their lives. We are committed to learning about each person’s preferences, including which activities they favor and which will potentially benefit them most when planning our elder care assistance plans.

Some of the elderly care services we facilitate include:

  • Karaoke
  • Classic movie screenings
  • Outdoor walks
  • Bull’s Eye Bag Toss games
  • Daily “show” times (Trading Spaces, Gunsmoke, Lawrence Welk, Wheel of Fortune)
  • Various enjoyable therapy times including art therapy, pet therapy, and music therapy
  • Free choice times during which residents can work with puzzles, play table games, or engage in a stimulating round of Bingo
  • Environment-enriching additions such as classical music and aromatherapy
  • Age and ability-appropriate exercise hour, “Sit & Be Fit Strength Exercise”

Assured Assisted Living Meets Your Adult Care Service Needs

Each of our residents enjoys individual attention as our senior care specialists get to know their likes and dislikes. Ability level, need for supervision, and personal preferences differ from one person to the next. We understand how to help your loved one enjoy each day to the fullest while remaining as healthy and active as possible. You’ll find peace of mind at Assured Assisted Living as you witness the benefits of our advanced senior care services programming.