Assured Assisted Living Andes Court Location

Our Denver assisted living facility on Andes Court in Centennial specializes in memory and dementia care

When you want the very best care, most-qualified staff, and cozy home-like environment for your loved one, consider Assured Assisted Living’s multiple locations.

Located in the lovely town of Centennial, our Andes Court home is just one of our Denver assisted living communities. We want our residents to feel safe and at home, so we created an environment that helps them maintain as much independence as possible with the type of expert care they need.

The Andes Court facility is a ranch home tucked away on a quiet street in a residential neighborhood. It’s near South Tower Road near E-470.

You can learn more about this or any of our Assured Living assisted living properties and schedule a tour by calling 720-372-0721. One of our expert dementia care professionals will happily help you understand your family’s options when it’s time to make decisions about how best to care for your loved one.

Philosophy of care at Andes Court assisted living facility

At our Andes Court assisted living and dementia care location, your loved one will receive the assistance of expert eldercare specialists as needed, 24 hours per day, seven days per week. They’ll also receive the following services:

  • Medication assistance
  • Preparation of three daily meals
  • Help with bathing and dressing as necessary
  • Laundry and housekeeping services

Our daily professional dementia-care practices include focusing on the process, not the result. By living in the moment, we help residents enjoy the task at hand.

Our expert elder-care staff encourages residents to use their skills to help give a sense of purpose. By providing adult-appropriate activities, we help those living with dementia reach their potential, bringing joy to the day.

The routine at our Andes Court location is dependable, yet flexible. The staff here understands how to tailor the day to the needs of each individual resident. For example, in the middle stages of Alzheimer’s disease, an individual requires a great deal of care, but may still want and need to do certain things without assistance. Adapting daily routines to the needs of each resident is an essential part of dementia care.

Abilities, willingness to participate, and desire to approach activities with a hands-on mindset may change from one day to the next. With extensive training in elder care as well as an emphasis on dementia care, our staff does an excellent job of anticipating the needs of each resident.

Advanced programming for the health and well-being of your loved one

The Assured Assisted Living owner/administrator is a Dementia Care Practitioner with a personal history of dementia in his family. Everything about each of our assisted living facilities is designed to meet his high standards.

The programming at this Denver assisted living facility is carefully thought out to give each resident a great quality of life.

Some of the elderly care services available include:

  • Outdoor walks
  • Age and ability-appropriate exercise hour
  • Art and music therapy
  • Daily “show” times of residents’ favorites like Wheel of Fortune, Gunsmoke, and Lawrence Welk
  • Karaoke
  • Environment enrichment like classical music and aromatherapy
  • Bull’s Eye Bag Toss games
  • Classic movie screenings

We understand that you’ll encounter many challenges as you search for the right home environment for your loved one. Our understanding staff is ready to answer any questions you may have about your family’s individual situation. Please allow us to offer you a personalized tour of this Denver assisted living facility so you can see the services we offer firsthand.