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A senior caregiver dedicates themselves to their residents receive the assistance they need to complete everyday tasks and activities.

The Purpose of Senior Caregiver Support

As we age, our bodies begin to naturally slow us down and prevent us from involving ourselves in all of the events we may wish to. Elderly caregivers are responsible for making as many of these wishes turn into actions as possible, along with making sure that the resident’s daily needs are always met.

Our Areas of Expertise

Assured’s senior caregivers understand that no two residents are exactly alike. Each person has their own unique needs that must be tended to in a variety of ways to be the most beneficial for them. Our Denver senior caregivers possess specialized experience in several areas, including:

  • Home care management: This includes keeping the home completely safe for its resident(s).
  • Monitoring general abilities and health: It is the responsibility of the elderly caregiver to report any significant changes in health, and to immediately seek medical attention immediately if needed.
  • Administration and regulation of medications: Our senior caregiver support staff will not only assist in picking up your medication, but will also be available to help measure out daily doses and remind you to take them as instructed throughout the day.
  • Cleaning, cooking, and other housekeeping needs
  • Transportation and general mobility assistance: Many of the elderly persons we work with have several healthcare appointments that the need to attend in a given week. Our care specialists will accompany you to these appointments in addition to providing assistance in navigating a new space with any devices such as a walker or cane.
  • Maintenance of personal hygiene: A crucial step to ongoing senior care support is the prevention of easily-contractible illnesses and infections, which can often be achieved through the implementation of proper hygiene techniques.
  • Emotional senior care support and companionship: Our elder caregivers fully understand the importance of emotional and mental health in addition to physical health, much of which can be addressed by simply taking a few moments every day to interact with the resident.
  • Communicating with other senior caregivers or loved ones as needed on behalf of the resident if they are unable to do so.

Denver In-Home Senior Elderly Care

An increasing number of elderly people are electing to receive in-home senior care rather than relocating to a specialized facility. Although each of these senior care options possess their own unique strengths, the primary reason for remaining in the home is comfort. As the saying goes, there really is no place like home. Many individuals wish to stay in their home until they pass, which is commonly referred to as aging in place.

Family and friends are often a great source for needed assistance, but not every individual is fortunate enough to have family as a senior care option. Even if there are multiple volunteers, it can be unsafe to leave them in control of an elder without proper training and experience. If a dangerous situation should arise for the senior, it is critical that their caregiver be able administer proper technique to safely handle the issue without any harm coming to the individual or those around them.

The utilization of a professional elderly caregiver can relieve an immeasurable amount of stress and worry across all of the aforementioned areas. Not only will the person be able to safely participate in everyday activities, but they will also be able to enjoy more quality time with their loved ones.

Senior Caregiver Support at Assured Assisted Living

If aging in place is not a suitable solution, then it may be time for the individual and their loved ones to consider senior care options outside of the home. Fortunately, Assured Assisted Living has been providing such services in a variety of locations outside of Denver, Colorado for many years.

Our Denver community of elderly residents is the ideal place for persons with a variety of unique health conditions and other needs. Our senior caregivers are not only able to keep our residents completely safe and secure, but we also offer plenty of opportunities for social engagement with other residents. Studies have shown that these types of activities can provide significant health benefits that not only improve physical abilities, but mental abilities as well.

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