We Are Thankful For The Testimonials We Have Received About Our Alzheimers Care In Castle Rock & Parker

We love hearing from families who have had good experiences with our Alzheimers care in our Castle Rock and Parker locations. We know that what others say about us matter more than what we say about us! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us so that we can help future families get a good understanding of who Assured Assisted Living truly is!

Letters from Families and Colleagues About Their Alzheimers Care Experience

Alzheimers Care Experience

Dear Sheryl,

My family and I would like to express our profound thanks to each and every one of you that care for my Mother. Caring for the elderly, especially with dementia is not an easy task, requiring infinite amounts of patience, a focus on details, and the soul of a humanitarian. As a nurse, clinically I know she is well cared for, but the kindness and respect that you show her in all the hard work that you do is so important to her self respect. My mother is a lady much loved by her family that have known her all her life. For us she is not only the person she is today, but the intelligent, caring, hard working woman that she was in the past. You and your staff care for her as lovingly and knowingly as if she were your own family member. We appreciate this more than words can say. I know that there will be a special place in heaven for you all that show such kindness every day.

Thanks from all my heart,

Patty Alyson, RN
Alzheimers Care Experience

Dear Sheryl,

Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed touring your Assured Assisted Living homes. I was greatly impressed with the warmth, home-like atmosphere, the cleanliness and the “fresh air” that permeated all the homes. In all the homes, I sensed the caring attitudes of the employees.

I feel very confident in having placed my dearest friend’s parents in Assured Assisted Living. Esther has already gained weight in the few weeks that she joined your “resident family”. Sam looks like a “new man”. I look forward to a continual relationship with Assured Assisted Living.

Most Sincerely,

Alzheimers Care Experience

Sheryl and Staff,

Though our time with Mary was very short, your years of care and concern for her were evident each time we were in your home. Thank you for all you have done to make her last years peace filled and filled with your happy spirits. You lifted her physically and spiritually each and every day. We hope you find comfort in knowing your good work makes a difference.

God be with you,

Lora from Legacy Hospice
Alzheimers Care Experience

Dear Sheryl Thompson, RN,

In the past decade my wife Arline and I have dedicated a good portion of our energies to the well being of my elderly parents.

When my 99 year old mother was in need of professional hospice care, we were apprehensive about the quality of options that would be available to her. Mom’s doctor’s recommendation and our reserach concurred; the best choice for Mom was at Assured Assisted Living. Our experience there validates all the positive things we heard about their care and atmosphere.

Assured Assisted Living and its employees were exemplary models of what families hope for! At a very difficult time in our life Assured Assisted Living’s attentive caregivers provided Mom very competent care with compassion and integrity. The last chapter of our memories with Mom is forever comforting.

Sincerely Grateful,

Miles and Arline Haskins
Alzheimers Care Experience

Dear Sheryl,

I take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for making my aunt’s transition to Assured Assisted Living the least traumatic I ever thought possible. We are a close family and as such had many opinions as to how and what to say and do when Aunt Theresa’s move became imminent. With your guidance, and the support of your loving and caring staff, my aunt has already begun speaking of her new “home” in endearing terms. I cannot tell you what comfort her assimilation has brought to her whole family. Much to our surprise and doubts she even loves and enjoys all the activities, which you assured us she would! You really provide a tremendous service not just physically, but emotionally and socially!

I salute you in your effort to make an imperfect world mostly perfect. And I look forward to a long and healthy friendship in the cooperative care of my aunt.

With much gratitude and respect,

Gae Wood
Alzheimers Care Experience

Dear Sheryl,

Thankyou for spending time with me and considering options/possibilities. Your homes and programs are exemplary. You’ve demonstrated that what you and John created once, can be duplicated and you have reason to be proud. What you have built together, is not only an alternative to institutionalized care, its a gift. A carefully devised system of tried and tested methods of providing the best possible care…a truly remarkable contribution to families and the field.

Kathryn Keyes
Alzheimers Care Experience

Dear Sheryl,

I am writing to thank you on behalf of my Mom, myself and the rest of the family for all that you, the Administrators and the staff did for Mom while she was in your care for her last three years of her life.

The service you provided was professional and caring, and exceeded our expectaions and your representations. As I mentioned to you before, feel free to use this as a reference for any family member contemplating your services for their loved ones.

Thank you again for everything,

Warmest regards,

David W., esq.
Alzheimers Care Experience

Dear Sheryl,

My mother has been gone for over a month now and I am still appreciative of the wonderful care that she was given at Assured Assisted Living Home #7. I especially loved that I was always made to feel welcome at any time when I came to visit her. I was made to feel part of the family that made up this warm and inviting home. Your caregivers went out of their way to make mother comfortable every day.

I have shared the group home concept with many people who struggle to find the best home for a parent and want all of Parker to know about Assured Assisted Living. As Parker’s baby boomer community grows older within the next decade, it will be paramount for its residents to know that there are options for assisted living within the Parker area.

Assured Assisted Living exceeded those expectations with my mother.

Alzheimers Care Experience

Dear Sheryl and Staff,

We just wanted to take time to thank you for taking care of our dad Earl for the last 3 years.

We also wanted to tell you how extraordinary your serves and care for our dad has been to us.

After touring and researching many facilities we came to yours and we knew right away that yours was the one for my dad. Making that decision was one of the hardest decisions we ever had to make and you and your staff made it much easier.

We choose your care because there was no challenge you were not willing to take on and he would receive care from beginning to end and would have a home for the rest of his life. And he did.

We can’t begin to tell you how exceptional your staff is they are genuinely kind, considerate, patient and caring beyond words, and treat everyone with dignity.

They are amazing how patient they are and how well they treated my dad and he did not always make it easy and gave them a run for their money on more than one occasion. They spoiled him and believe me he loved and appreciate all the kindness he was given.

The home environment you have provided created many memories that we will be able to cherish for many years to come.

The entertainment you provide is very much enjoyed by all. They all seem to really enjoy the music and as my dad would say it was excellent.

Not only did your staff take care of my dad but they were there to take care of me and my family.

All of your staff is outstanding but I do need to mention Cindy and her husband Dong I had the most contact with them and they are exceptional. Especially Cindy she was my rock she always made me feel welcome and her dedication is amazing. She not only is a care giver she is a friend her kindness to my father was exceptional. And again I know he appreciated it very much.

I would recommend your services highly and if at any time I would be able to give back a little of what you and your staff have given us I would be glad to help.

Our deepest gratitude.
Alzheimers Care Experience

Dear Sheryl, John and Staff,

We want to thank you first and foremost for the loving care you gave our beloved Max. Life was not easy for him these last few years and you were there to help him through the hard times. You and your staff were able to see the special person he was and not the way he behaved at times.

Thank you for your loving hearts,

Mike and Faith Masters - Gertrude Dirk
Alzheimers Care Experience

Dear Sheryl and John,

It sounds trite to say – there are no words to thank you enough but its true. You opened your hearts and made Nellie a part of your family, no matter how difficult she was at times. Prior to placing her in your home she had been evicted from other facilities saying that she needed to be in a nursing home because of her behaviors. You insisted you could work with her and she thrived in your knowledgable, loving care. God truly blessed us when he lead us to you.



Reviews from Senior Care and Social Media Sites

Reviews from Senior Care

Dear Sheryl,

Thank you for all you and your wonderful staff have done for my Mother while she is under your care. Not only was her medicine improved to the point that her physical condition showed notable signs of improvement, but also her demeanor has been enhanced with you.

Thank you again for her care and attention.


Richard and Jean Benbow and Family
Reviews from Senior Care

Dear Sheryl,

Please express our thanks to the Administrators and staff of Assured who took such good care of our mother/grandmother from her first enty into your care, to the last moments of her long life. We are very grateful.

You’ve built a fine, caring organization which not only serves the people directly in your care, but greatly assists their family members too.


Lawrence Sciortino and family
Reviews from Senior Care

Dear Sheryl,

Just wanted to thank you and all of your staff for the care and concern you have given Mom. As I told you, the Dr. said he never would have expected Mom to be looking so great in just 3 months time. She has great confidence and strength. We only wish we had moved her sooner!

Thank you,

Linda Havens - Cindy Mello
Reviews from Senior Care

Sheryl is one of the most professional assisted living operators in the Denver Metro area. She runs a very organized operation and is always there to take care of those in need of memory care, including those with high level care needs. She is very knowledgeable about dementia and has well trained staff.

Sheryl is a pleasure to do business with. Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Laura Hansen - Always Best Care, Senior Referral
Reviews from Senior Care

Dear Sheryl,

Thank you for forming Assured Assisted Living. The care and environment that is provided to the elderly with Alzheimer’s and Dementia is top quality. My family and I are very thankful that you came to Colorado just when we needed this type of care for our Mothers. As you know, we had my Mother in a larger Alzheimer’s facility in Highlands Ranch where she seemed lost, unhappy and more confused in that environment. Since that transfer to your facility four years ago, we have had both our of our Mothers in the care of your organization. Since my mother has just passed away, on hospice, I wanted to send this to you and express my gratitude.

My mom was my best friend as well as a smart and vivacious woman her whole life. Seeing her condition with Alzheimer’s was a heart breaking experience. Yet, by placing her in the home you provide made this heart breaking experience manageble. Your homes are immaculate and the food is excellent! But, the loving care the caregivers provide is the most outstanding service you provide!

I want you to know that so many times I would come over to the house with my heart breaking. Yet, each time I would walk in the atmosphere of the home and the caregivers would talk to me and the heaviness would lift. They made me feel like I was truly at Mom’s home and not a clinic. They were ALWAYS so nice and caring. their kindness made me want to go there! And, when I couldn’t be there, I had extreme comfort knowing that they were taking EXCELLENT care of Mom. I have never met people that are able to give so lovingly and so unselfishly to the elderly in the way that they do. I know that these caregivers are your employees and that for them to have the work ethics and care that they do has come from your guidance! You have imparted and created an organization that not only provides top care to the elderly but also teaches and provides opportunities to your employees. You are also to be highly commended! I respect your ability to create such an amazing situation for the elderly, the employees, and the families that are part of this world.

Thank you for the care, the homey environment, the holiday decorations, the excellent food, the parties, the clean house, the comfortable rooms and beds, the activities, the extra services provided, the medical doctor on sight, the cute dogs and birds, and most of all the outstanding caregivers and the great overseer…you!

Your expertise made what was the most difficult season of my life a pleasant experience. I will never forget it! I also am priveledged to know that this care is available to all your facilities as our Mothers were in different homes. I will always hold Assured Assisted Living in high regard and would gladly be a spokes person at any time, if needed.

With highest regards,

Gayla Bagwell